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Contracts are drafted in order to ensure the interests of different parties are represented and agreed upon when entering into some form of relationship or partnership. There are times, however, when a party or multiple parties violate the agreed upon terms on which the relationship or partnership was built. In contract law, this is referred to as a breach of contract. The language in some contracts is quite complex, which is why it necessary to seek out a legal professional who will guide you when filing or defending a lawsuit. San Diego contract law attorney Randy M. Grossman can help you after a contract has been breached.

What is a breach of contract?

A breach of contract occurs when the agreed upon terms of a contract are violated. This may mean that a person failed to perform a task that was stipulated in a contract, such as paying a certain amount of money. It may also mean that one party does something that makes it impossible for the other party to carry out their task stipulated in the contract. And this could also mean that one of the parties involved has no intention of carrying out the task stipulated in the agreed upon contract. In all of these cases, either party may be responsible for the breach. Examples may include delayed compensation, failure to complete a task, failure to perform at a certain standard, or impeding the ability of a person to perform.

After a Breach of Contract Charge – How a Contract Law Attorney Can Help

In the event of a breach of contract, whether you have been sued for breach of contract or need to sue someone for breach of contract, it is in your best interests to contact San Diego contract lawyer Randy M. Grossman. Mr. Grossman has assisted both plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract lawsuits. His experience in negotiating contracts and in representing diverse clientele means his knowledge will be indispensable.

If you or someone you love needs assistance with a breach of contract case, contact the San Diego Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman.