Plaintiffs and Defendants in Breach of Contract Cases – San Diego Legal Info

Randy M. Grossman has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to contract law. This has allowed him to represent both plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract lawsuits. A skilled attorney and consummate professional, Mr. Grossman has assisted clients in the greater San Diego area, as well as other jurisdictions, in pursuing their interests when it comes to breach of contract cases. Below you will learn what Mr. Grossman can offer you when it comes to these sorts of contract disputes.

Plaintiffs in Breach of Contract Cases

When the terms of a contract have been violated, you need a legal professional who will fight on your behalf to ensure that the terms agreed upon are met and that you are compensated for any hardships caused by the violation of those terms. Mr. Grossman will bring his years of legal experience to court. He will analyze the language of the agreement and the circumstances of your case. He will then present a strong argument to demonstrate how the contract was violated and the repercussions of the breach of contract.  Mr. Grossman will work tirelessly to achieve the result you desire.

Defendants in Breach of Contract Cases

Sometimes when a person or party is accused of breaching a contract, the accusation is off base and the language of the contract shows no violation of terms. When representing clients accused of a breach of contract, Mr. Grossman will examine the exact language not just in the contract, but the complaint as well. By delving into the language of the agreement and the accusation, Mr. Grossman will demonstrate that the terms of a contract were met and that the disagreement may in fact just be a misunderstanding of the terms.  Oftentimes breach of contract cases can be resolved short of trial, by thorough review, research and investigation of the facts of the case.

If you or someone you love needs assistance with a breach of contract case, contact the San Diego Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman.