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As a criminal defense lawyer, Randy M. Grossman has earned the respect of San Diego based on his impressive record of success and a reputation for tireless defense of his clients’ rights. When facing criminal or felony charges, it is understandable that defendants experience considerable trepidation and fear in light of the potentially severe and life-long consequences they are up against. Attorney Grossman understand that his clients need individual attention to ensure a thorough investigation into their charges and all circumstances leading to them, and he is dedicated to bringing the full weight of his extensive experience, skills, and resources to bear as he fights to ensure true justice is served.

The Basics of Criminal Defense

When a person has been charged with a criminal offense, it is necessary for the prosecution to prove two basic elements: intent and action. Not only must a guilty act (actus reus) have been committed, but malicious intent or a guilty mind (mens rae) must also be proven. While the United States justice system is founded on the belief that all parties are innocent until proven guilty, the truth is that defendants in criminal cases often face devious and zealous prosecution that may lead to an unjust conviction. If you have been charged with a serious crime, it is necessary that you retain the counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to ensure that you are treated fairly. As a criminal defense lawyer serving San Diego, Randy M. Grossman has the skills and extensive knowledge of the law his clients can depend on to help them navigate the legal system with confidence and achieve a just outcome.

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If you are facing felony or criminal charges, you need aggressive representation and the first thing you should do is seek the counsel of a criminal defense lawyer from San Diego who has the experience and reputation necessary to ensure justice. To learn more about your rights and how you can trust Randy M. Grossman to defend them, please contact us to schedule a legal consultation with this highly-respected criminal defense lawyer from our firm in San Diego.