Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse – San Diego Criminal Law Info

All charges of domestic abuse must be dealt with seriously, whether it involves the abuse of a spouse, the abuse of a child, or the abuse of another relative in the household. The circumstances of these cases can become quite complex and the legal disputes regarding domestic violence have the potential to become quite heated. Below is a brief overview of domestic violence as well as information on how Randy M. Grossman, a skilled criminal law attorney based in San Diego, can assist you in these types of cases.

Physical Violence and Domestic Abuse

When people think of domestic violence, it’s almost always associated with physical violence. Physical altercations and battery are commonly seen in domestic abuse situations.

Non-Physical Violence and Domestic Abuse

Non-physical violence is often not considered in domestic abuse cases, but needs to be taken into account as well. Acts of verbal intimidation, humiliation, stalking, and emotional abuse are all forms of domestic abuse that may be charged as a crime by prosecutors.

After a Domestic Violence Charge – How a Criminal Law Attorney Can Help

After a domestic violence charge is issued, whether it is physical abuse or non-physical abuse, it is important to contact Randy M. Grossman, a San Diego criminal defense lawyer. He will come to each case objectively and examine the evidence closely. His counsel will always have your best interests in mind. He will work diligently so that you receive a fair trial. In cases where an altercation occurred as an act of self-defense or if the domestic violence charge was a fabrication, Mr. Grossman will fight for your reputation and ensure that your side is voiced and heard.

If you or someone you love has been charged with domestic violence ins San Diego and require the assistance of a criminal defense attorney, contact The Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman.