Drug Possession Charges – San Diego Criminal Law

The penalties for drug possession charges range in severity depending upon the type of drugs in your possession and the amount of drugs found. The penalties can be compounded if you have any prior drug convictions on your record. Below is a brief overview of drug possession charges and how San Diego criminal law attorney Randy M. Grossman can help you if you have been charged.

Misdemeanor Drug Possession

misdemeanor drug possession charge arises when someone is found with less than one ounce of marijuana on his or her person. If you are found with drug paraphernalia (e.g., a pipe, bong, or syringe), you may be charged with a misdemeanor. Sometimes possession of a limited amount of marijuana or paraphernalia may be cited as an infraction rather than a misdemeanor. Forged prescriptions are also charged as misdemeanors, though they may be charged as felonies in some cases. Penalties for misdemeanor drug possession may include a fine, jail time of up to one year, and in some cases the suspension of your driver’s license.

Felony Drug Possession

felony drug possession charge arises when someone is found with more than one ounce of marijuana on his or her person, is found in possession of other types of illegal drugs apart from marijuana, intends to transport or sell illegal drugs, or is growing and cultivating illegal drugs. A person who has filled multiple forged prescriptions is charged with felony drug possession rather than a misdemeanor. The penalties for felony drug possession vary depending on the circumstances of the case.

After a Drug Possession Charge – How a Criminal Law Attorney Can Help

After any type of drug possession charge, it is in your best interests to contact San Diego-based criminal defense lawyer Randy M. Grossman. Upon analyzing the evidence, Mr. Grossman will determine if the arresting officer searched you legally or if the officer overstepped his or her bounds in the act of searching you and violated your Constitutional rights. He will fight to ensure that you receive the fair trial to which you are entitled by law.

If you or someone you love has been charged with drug possession in San Diego and need the services of a criminal law and defense lawyer, contact the San Diego Criminal Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman.