Felony Charges – San Diego Criminal Law

Crimes can fall into different categories. There are infractions, which are not particularly serious and are classed as a petty violation of the law. These are dealt with by the issuance of a fine. The two main classifications of crime we hear of the most are misdemeanors and felonies. Below is a general overview of felonies and how a skilled San Diego criminal law attorney such as Randy M. Grossman can be of benefit to you following a felony charge.

What is a felony?

Felonies are considered serious violent or non-violent offenses. The punishment for a felony offense can range anywhere from incarceration for more than one year, to life in prison, and may even include the death penalty. The severity of the punishment is determined by the severity of the felony.

Examples of felonies include the following:

After a Felony Charge – How a Criminal Law Attorney Can Help

After being charged with a felony and arrested, it is of the utmost importance that you or your loved ones obtain the counsel of a trained San Diego criminal defense lawyer such as Randy M. Grossman. Mr. Grossman has the legal expertise you need to ensure your rights are respected in court.

During your first arraignment, Mr. Grossman will enter a not guilty plea. He will then proceed to analyze all of the witness accounts, documents, and other materials provided to him by the prosecution. He will actively and aggressively oversee an investigation into all of the facts.  At the next court appearance, a preliminary hearing date and trial date may be set. During the period between this readiness conference and the actual trial, Mr. Grossman will discuss a possible plea bargain with the prosecutor. A majority of cases are settled this way rather than going to trial. Should your case go to trial, however, Mr. Grossman will aggressively fight for your rights throughout the entire process.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a felony and require legal representation in San Diego from a skilled criminal defense attorney, contact the San Diego Criminal Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman.