Firearm and Gun Offense Charges – San Diego Criminal Law Info

When committing a crime, possessing a gun or any weapon can increase the severity of the penalties you face. Apart from committing a crime, though, you may be arrested for having a firearm if it is found on your person, even in non-criminal circumstances. Given the complexity of gun laws in California, it is important to have a skilled legal professional on your side. Below is some general information on gun and firearm charges and how Randy M. Grossman, an experienced San Diego criminal law attorney, can help you in these sorts of cases.

Common Gun and Firearm Offenses

If someone commits a crime of any kind while using a weapon, the punishment for the crime becomes much more severe. Even if the weapon is found in that person’s possession and was not used to commit the crime, the penalties still become more severe. There are also some instances where people are arrested for possession of a gun, even if that person is the rightful licensed owner and did not intend to commit a crime.

After a Gun Offense Charge – How a Criminal Law Attorney Can Help

After a gun or firearm charge, it is in your best interests to contact Randy M. Grossman, a San Diego criminal defense lawyer. Examining the available evidence in your case, Mr. Grossman will help you get a fair trial in court, as you are guaranteed by the United States Constitution. If a weapon was falsely planted on you by someone else, he will ensure that this fact is known and will fight on your behalf. If you were not acting criminally in any fashion and were discovered with a gun or firearm after a search, Mr. Grossman will analyze the Constitutionality of the arresting officer’s search.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a gun or firearm offense in San Diego and require a criminal law and defense attorney, contact The Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman.