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Not all theft is the same. In fact, there are different degrees of theft: petty theft and grand theft. It’s much like the distinction between a felony charge and a misdemeanor charge–one is more serious than the other, both in terms of the nature of the theft and the severity of the punishment. Below is a general overview of petty theft and grand theft charges and how Randy M. Grossman, a skilled criminal law attorney based in San Diego, can be of benefit to you following such a charge.

Petty Theft

Petty theft refers to small acts of theft. Some common examples of petty theft are small acts of shoplifting, bicycle theft, and stealing small items from another person’s property. Petty theft is a misdemeanor, though it should be noted that multiple petty thefts can result in a felony charge.

Grand Theft

Grand theft refers to acts of theft that may exceed $400 in stolen goods. Some examples of grand theft include major acts of shoplifting, stealing of motor vehicles, and theft of a gun or firearm. When the theft occurs at a workplace or place of business, where the person was employed, it is sometimes classified as embezzlement. Grand theft is a felony.

After a Theft Charge – How a Criminal Law Attorney Can Help

In the event of a theft charge, whether it is petty theft or grand theft, it is a good idea to contact San Diego-based criminal defense lawyer Randy M. Grossman. He will examine the circumstances of your petty theft or grand theft case in great detail. He will then fight his hardest to reduce the charge, minimize potential jail time, or have the charges dropped completely. Mr. Grossman has your best interests in mind.

If you or someone you love has been charged with theft and require legal representation from a skilled criminal law or criminal defense lawyer, contact the San Diego Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman.