Rape and Sex Crime Charges – San Diego Criminal Law Info

Rape, sexual assault, and molestation charges are serious and carry not just severe legal penalties but a major social stigma as well. The circumstances of any of these cases must be taken seriously. Below is a general overview of rape, sexual assault, and other sex crimes and how Randy M. Grossman, an experienced San Diego criminal law attorney, can be of benefit to you if you have been charged.

Rape and Sexual Assault

Rape is defined as engaging in sexual intercourse with another person without that person’s consent. Sexual assault is sometimes synonymous with rape, though that is not always the case. Both may be related, but there is a difference between the two from a legal standpoint. Sexual assault refers to any sexual contact or sexual act performed on another person without that person’s consent.

Other Sex Crimes

Another sex crime is child molestation or child sexual abuse allegations, in which an adult engages in some form of sexual contact with a child. Cases of statutory rape refer to instances where an adult engages in a consensual sexual act with a minor who is sexually mature but under the legal age (18) of consent.

After a Sex Crime Charge – How a Criminal Law Attorney Can Help

Following a rape charge or any type of sexual crime charge, it is in your best interests to contact San Diego criminal defense lawyer Randy M. Grossman. Mr. Grossman will examine the circumstances of your case and analyze all of the evidence available. This may include medical documents, interviews with medical technicians and social workers, and other facts. Everyone in this country has a right to a fair trial, and Mr. Grossman will fight to ensure that your rights are respected throughout the duration of the case. If there is a false accusation made against you, Mr. Grossman will help ensure that your name and your reputation are cleared.

If you or someone you love has been charged with rape, sexual assault, or another sexual crime and require the services of a skilled criminal law and defense lawyer, contact the San Diego Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman.