Felony Lawyer in San Diego

A felony lawyer serving San Diego, Randy M. Grossman will fight tenaciously to ensure that each client is treated with dignity, has the strongest possible defense, and achieves the most positive outcome possible for his or her charges. We understand that defendants charged with felony crimes are often intimidated by the legal process and frightened of the consequences they may face, so we are dedicated to helping our clients stay well-informed as we guide them through their legal proceedings with confidence and respect. If you have been charged with a felony in San Diego, Randy M. Grossman has the experience and skills you can depend on to be sure you receive fair and just treatment and the minimum penalty possible.

Why You Need a Felony Lawyer

In San Diego, those convicted of felony charges often are ordered to serve extensive jail time and may also face additional consequences such as difficulty finding housing or employment or the loss of constitutional rights like the right to bear arms or to vote. A felony lawyer serving San Diego for years, Randy M. Grossman has access to the knowledge and resources clients can depend on to:

  • Protect their right to a fair trial
  • Thoroughly investigate all charges and interview witnesses
  • Explain the legal process and help defendants make educated legal decisions with confidence
  • Plea bargain or negotiate a lesser charge, when appropriate
  • Ensure that the defendant is treated with dignity and respect
  • Achieve the best possible outcome for each client’s case

Contact a Felony Lawyer in San Diego

If you have been charged with a felony in San Diego, you need to retain the immediate legal counsel of a lawyer who has access to the best resources and strategies for your defense. To learn more about your rights and how felony lawyer Randy M. Grossman of San Diego firm is uniquely qualified to protect them, please contact us to schedule a legal consultation.