Sports and Entertainment Law News in San Diego

In addition to assisting clients throughout the San Diego area with criminal law and contract law matters, Randy M. Grossman also provides expert sports representation. With more than 25 years of experience in the sports industry, Mr. Grossman has exceptional knowledge on how to approach the sports and sports entertainment fields.

Because Mr. Grossman is so attentive to his clients, he keeps up with the latest in sports news and entertainment news. When something happens in either industry, it can certainly affect the other. Here you will be able to find sports and entertainment legal news to keep you up to date on matters that may affect your life or your business and career decisions.

Meet with Sports and Entertainment Law Expert Randy M. Grossman

Randy M. Grossman looks forward to discussing a number of matters with you in person. His expertise and knowledge will prove invaluable to you and your unique needs.

In the area of sports, Mr. Grossman represents a number of high profile current and former Major League Baseball stars in contract negotiation, arbitration, and marketing and commercial endorsements.

In the entertainment world, Mr. Grossman represents television and radio personalities, both locally and nationally, providing negotiation and contract review services.  Contact the Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman if you are in need of having an entertainment contract reviewed.  He will make suggestions regarding additionas, deletions and any necessary modifications – all designed to protect your interests.

If you or someone you love needs the services of a San Diego sports or entertainment lawyer , contact the Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman.