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Both arbitration and mediation are important services people seek out when there is a business dispute or personal dispute which the parties are not able to resolve on their own. Both arbitration and mediation services involve a neutral third party who assists in the resolution of the dispute. The role of that neutral third party is different in mediation than it is in arbitration. Experienced contract lawyer Randy M. Grossman can assist you help you if you need arbitration or mediation services in San Diego.

What is Arbitration?

During the arbitration process, the parties in dispute meet privately and confidentially with a neutral third party. The neutral third party acts as an arbitrator or decision maker. Since the arbitrator has no personal or professional stake in the dispute, the arbitrator is able to assess the situation fairly and without bias. After the disputing parties have presented evidence for their respective cases, the arbitrator provides a decision (an “award”), which may be either binding or non-binding. The arbitration process is much more informal and less expensive than an actual trial. Mr. Grossman’s work in areas of sports representation and contract law have given him a strong analytical perspective and an ability to make impartial decisions based on the evidence with which he is presented.

What is mediation?

During the mediation process, the parties in dispute meet privately and confidentially with a neutral third party. The neutral third party acts as a mediator and is present to help facilitate a compromise or an acceptable agreement between the disputing parties. Since the mediator has no personal or professional stake in the dispute, the mediator is able to help the parties engage in a fair, firm, and mutually beneficial dialogue. No evidence is presented at a mediation. The parties, typically through legal counsel, tell their stories and the mediator seeks to help them resolve their respective differences.
If you require arbitration or mediation services in the greater San Diego area, contact the Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman.

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