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Facing charges of murder or homicide typically not only means felony charges, but severe punishments to match the weight of the crime.  Regardless of the circumstances of the arrest, you hold the right to fair treatment in court.  Consult with our experienced homicide and murder attorneys today to receive the dedicated legal experience you deserve for aggressive case defense.

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Don't Face Murder/Homicide Penalties Alone

Though homicide isn't synonymous with murder, homicide penalties can be as severe as murder. Homicide refers to any act in which a person intentionally or unintentionally kills another person.

Degrees and Classifications of Homicide:
Murder in the First Degree
Murder in the Second Degree
Felony Murder
Voluntary, Involuntary, or Vehicular Manslaughter
Justifiable Homicide
The consequences for homicide or murder convictions range from substantial prison time with parole to capital punishment depending on the circumstances and degree of the charges.
Having a criminal defense attorney on your side who knows how to successfully defend all types of homicide cases can mean the difference between having charges dropped and facing penalty of death.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

Don't unknowingly incriminate yourself! Many times, those who do not know their rights or understand the law say statements that undermine their case and impact chances of a favorable trial outcome.  Because the stake of murder/homicide charges are so high, sharing the details of your case with anyone but your attorney can impact whether you go to prison or walk free. With an expert homicide/murder defense attorney on your side, you will be advised during police and attorney questioning and protected from unintentionally harming your case. 

REMEMBER, if you have been arrested for murder/homicide, don't speak to or share the details of your case with:

The Police
The Media
The Victim's Family
The Prosecutor
Your Family
Your Friends, Acquaintances, 
Neighbors, Colleagues, Employer, etc. 

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight for Yours Rights

Ensuring you have experienced, aggressive representation on your side is vital when facing murder or homicide charges.  The Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman are committed to providing effective, personalized legal representation for every case we take on.  You can count on us for:


defense Strategies


Our experienced murder/homicide criminal defense attorneys can potentially help you get the charges dropped by examining the circumstances of your case and arrest.  Our San Diego homicide and murder lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case for false accusations, the absence of malicious intent, if the homicide was committed in self-defense, or other factors that can lead to homicide charges being dropped or reduced.  At the Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman, we examine all the facts and ensure your right to fair trial. 

If you or a loved one has been charged with homicide or murder in San Diego and needs legal representation, contact the Law Offices of Randy M. Grossman now.

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